Hello and welcome to the Pink Indian, my name is Kelly-Marie and like many people at a young age I would fly from one dead end job to another looking for ‘that’ job that would provide job satisfaction, security and a career. However I found myself being a Secretary, Accountant, Personal Assistant, Customer Service Manager, Events Manager, Credit Controller and Marketing Manager.

I realised I had to do something about my life when returning from a flight from America I couldn’t remember where I currently worked! I had had so many jobs in a relatively short period of time. It was at this moment, I vowed to do something about my life and decided the next boss would be…ME!

I quickly gave notice to my current employer, even though I had no new job lined up, I knew I had to exit myself from the daily grind of the 9 to 5 rat race. With no job and no regular salary and bills piling up but with an insatiable appetite for business I quickly used my transferable skills gained in all my jobs to set up my first company: The Friendly Cleaning Company.

This proved to be very successful, very rewarding and making more money than I could dream of at a very young age. I found my cleaning contracts for residential homes and business expanding weekly and I had to increase my cleaning staff, I even had to employ people from my own family, even my own mother became a cleaner and a valuable help, Thanks Mum!

With my cleaning company quickly becoming an established accomplishment I did not rest on my laurels, I had so many ideas I was hungry for more success. My next adventure was to set up my own coach travel company: The Days Out Company was borne, this allowed me to not only have a business but to have a fun day out too, I even took members of my own family with me.

As I had to advertise my companies, I found I could do a better job advertising myself than using a third party and this was how my next successes ensued, I set up DoorMail and Ur Ad Here companies and which are now Pink Indian Franchises, I was on a roll, and still am!

By now I was putting all my ideas into practice and setting up franchises on a regular basis. I was now getting recognised for my ideas of which one, Numberbands won an award for *best business, and found myself on local radio stations and being reported on in county newspapers.

After only a few years I decided to sell my Friendly Cleaning Company for an amazing amount of money I would never have earned if I had stayed in any of my humdrum 9 to 5 jobs. I had not only proved to myself and to other people that I could do it, but I was now eager to help others and especially woman that they could do it to… The Pink Indian Franchise Company was borne…

* "November 2011 voted best business idea award of 2011 in the south east"

At The Pink Indian we offer you the chance to start & run your own successful business, with expert backing in your chosen area of business. We will start you from the beginning & get you running & earning money quickly.

The Pink Indian is a brilliant ‘business in a box’ that you can run full time or part-time from home. There is no need to get an office or invest before you are making real money. At The Pink Indian franchisee you will promote & showcase the best businesses in your town. You’ll help those recommended businesses to develop & grow, using the most progressive and complete set of marketing tools available in the UK today. If you are serious about becoming your own boss and taking charge of your future, then contact us today! The Pink Indian is quite simply, the best franchise opportunity in the UK today, with a team of help, ready to go. It's an amazing business, an established track record with huge growth.

We have 3 package available for people that dont have the money to invest, for people wanting to take full control and the long term plans. If you have any questions please Contact us today Indian@ThePinkIndian.co.uk

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